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Forex Contract Specification

Currency PairTypical SpreadSwap Short**Swap Long**Used Margin in USD *1pip value per 1 lot in USDLimit & Stop Levels
AUDCAD3.4-0.820.211000 * AUDUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate0.0016
AUDCHF4.2-1.030.211000 * AUDUSD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate0.0016
AUDJPY2.3-0.980.271000 * AUDUSD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.099
AUDNZD4-0.02-0.721000 * AUDUSD Rate10 * NZDUSD Rate0.0021
AUDUSD1.5-0.520.1651000 * AUDUSD Rate10 USD Rate0.0005
CADCHF2.2-0.4701000 / USDCAD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate0.0018
CADJPY2.3-0.39-0.231000 / USDCAD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.1
CHFJPY3-0.24-0.71000 / USDCHF Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.0012
EURAUD4.20.4-1.451000 * EURUSD Rate10 * AUDUSD Rate0.0012
EURCAD2.40.12-0.491000 * EURUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate0.0014
EURCHF1.9-0.81-0.251000 * EURUSD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate0.00062
EURGBP1.8-0.3-0.11000 * EURUSD Rate10 * GBPUSD Rate0.0005
EURJPY1.7-0.27-0.241000 * EURUSD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.054
EURNZD71.23-2.021000 * EURUSD Rate10 * NZDUSD Rate0.0022
EURUSD1.2-0.17-0.541000 * EURUSD Rate10 USD Rate0.0004
GBPAUD4.90.45-1.741000 * GBPUSD Rate10 * AUDUSD Rate0.0016
GBPCAD4.1-0.53-0.361000 * GBPUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate0.002
GBPCHF3-0.82-0.11000 * GBPUSD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate0.00178
GBPJPY3.3-0.71-0.031000 * GBPUSD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.108
GBPNZD61.45-2.051000 * GBPUSD Rate10 * NZDUSD Rate0.0036
GBPUSD2.4-0.2-0.461000 * GBPUSD Rate10 USD Rate0.00052
NZDCAD5.6-1.050.281000 * NZDUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate0.0018
NZDCHF4.4-1.150.341000 * NZDUSD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate0.002
NZDJPY2-0.830.251000 * NZDUSD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate0.14
NZDUSD1.9-0.750.371000 * NZDUSD Rate10 USD Rate0.0008
USDCAD1.9-0.25-0.551000 USD10 / USDCAD Rate0.00052
USDCHF1.9-0.45-0.11000 USD10 / USDCHF Rate0.0005
USDJPY1.7-0.25-0.181000 USD1000 / USDJPY Rate0.04

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